Tighten Loose Skin

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One of the first things you can do to help you tighten your loose skin is to remember to moisturize each day. Using moisturizer adds up to 70 percent of moisture to your body and will help your body keep elasticity as you lose weight. Using a moisturizer each and every night will really help you tighten up that loose skin and make it seem less flabby. In order to help keep the moisturizer on your skin you might want to wear long sleeves and pants while you sleep. You can get moisturizers at your local retail store and the best types will cost you about 10 dollars per bottle.
Use a loofah and a good body scrub at least four times a week in the shower to help tighten your loose skin. Using body scrub will help peel away the dead skin and make the new skin regenerate itself faster which will be tighter than the layer of dead skin. A loofah is a great shower tool to use because it helps scrub away the dead skin gently and it is very soft. You can get both of these items at your local retail store for about seven dollars.
One really important aspect to losing weight and tightening your skin is to lift weights. Lifting weights is a really important part of being healthy and staying in shape and can help build up your muscles. Lifting weights will turn that flab around into muscle and will make you look more lean and toned. You can lift free weights starting out with ten pounds and then increase the weights each week. You want to do exercises like lifting free weights about three to four times per week for best skin tightening results.
Stomach crunches might not be as much of a miracle worker as people once thought but they are still important to help tighten your loose skin. Stomach crunches will naturally help your loose skin turn into a tighter look because of the abdominal muscles that are used during the exercise. Stomach crunches are a really fast and easy way to tone and tighten your skin as well as build muscles. You can start out by doing 10 stomach crunches per day and then add 10 each day until you reach a maximum goal. Some people can do 1,000 stomach crunches per day while other people prefer just 100 a day. Stomach crunches are very easy to do and you can do them anywhere which is why they are important to for tightening and toning loose skin.
If you do not like stomach crunches or your day is so busy you can not do them, sit in your chair and do a similar stomach exercise. If you are someone who is often on the computer or sitting at a desk, take your stomach muscles and push them inward. Breathe in very deep and let your stomach muscles go inward and hold that position. You should hold this position for about two minutes and repeat this exercise at least 10 times. This is a very fast and simple exercise to help tight loose skin especially if you are sedentary throughout the day. This is also a similar exercise to the stomach crunch and uses a lot of the same muscles in your abdomen to help tighten your stomach and make the skin more toned.
Along with stomach crunches and lifting weights, you should also be doing regular exercises to help tighten your loose skin. Running, jogging, push-ups, sit ups and bicycling will all help tighten up your loose skin. You should do aerobic exercises every other day to help tone the loose skin and build your muscles and do anaerobic exercises in between those days. You should also give yourself a rest one day per week so that you do not get burned out on exercising within the first week. It is important you give your muscle groups a rest one day in between exercising with them again so that you do not hurt yourself or injure a particular muscle. Exercising is a very good way to tone your body and tighten your loose skin no matter which area of the body it is at. Building muscle mass is also known to make you appear more toned and help bring back your natural skin elasticity.
Believe it or not, using Preparation-H is also a known way to help tighten up loose skin. Preparation-H has lanolin in it which is known to help tighten skin and make the skin appear more pulled back. Using this cream might not be something you would think about when trying to tighten your skin but it really does work. You can apply this cream at night to the areas you want to tighten up and you really will see results. This is a very safe and effective way to help tighten your skin and it is pretty inexpensive. You can get Preparation-H cream at your local pharmacy store or retail store for about six dollars a tube.


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