WOW– Pauline has done amazing!!!

 photo Pauline.jpg

Pauline has done amazing!!!

She says…
. I have been very pleased with the results. I watch what I eat, go dancing at least one night a week & have had wonderful results. The picture is the difference from May 2014 & March 2015.

I feel fantastic and have lots more energy. I turned 62 in November. I have 4 grown children & 17 grandchildren. Yes you may share my picture. As of now 75 pounds lost, I want to lose 20 more..working on it. In the now picture I have on a size 12 misses skinny jeans..I haven’t worn Misses size clothes in over 30 years..always women’s size.

Thank was because of you & your testimony that I tried the Skinny Fiber..I’m so glad I did.
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