Here is my story- Shelley

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Here is my story- Shelley

I would like to take a minute and introduce myself to all of you, who do not know me. I am a married mother of 6, three girls and three boys. All of them are teens but one. and he is 22. I have been a heavy girl all my life I have a large bone structure and am pretty short, so I have always weighed more then everyone I have ever met. In 7th grade I weighed 140 lbs when everyone weighed 90 I was always self confident about it. I started lifting weights in 8th grade and I started to build a lot of muscle I went up to 160 and that is where my base was always at from then on. I have been a fire fighter since I joined our small department at 18 so being strong was always important. I trained a lot and always stayed in shape. I was a wild land fire fighter for over 13 years and was a volunteer here in our home town. 7 years ago while on a fire in Utah I was injured. I fell with a bladder bag and my own pack on, both of them weighed more then 100lbs. I had stepped in a large whole and when I tried to pull my leg out the water in my pack shifted and I fell. My foot stayed in the hole and the rest of me fell. I managed to think I only twisted my knee and went back to work for over a month. When I got home and settled back in I went to the dr. I eventually found out I tore every muscle and tendon from knee to low back. I destroyed my hip joint and it would require 4 surgeries before they decided I needed a replacement. I also need one on my left hip now from limping for so long. I ruptured three disks in my back and tore four of them. I have a huge tare in my gluteus minus and glutius maxemus tendon.
So to say the least exercise is not on my list of to do’s any time soon. I do walk a lot it seems the best way to get into a little better shape. Sitting is actually the hardest thing for me to do. I had gained 24 lbs and on my 5’5″ frame that put me in a size 14.
I have tried almost every diet from HCG to Atkins. We have never had a lot of money so I haven’t bought a lot of things. I would rather spend my money on my kids then on me. Most moms would. I am really happy with my weight loss and I would love to help anyone I can make it work for them.
Since I have lost so much weight and I have finally gotten my strength back. I purchased a dog grooming Salon in April and I am now working full time since my accident. I didn’t ever think I would work again let alone full time. My pain has been cut by about 2/3s and I am smaller now then when I was fighting fires. I cannot say enough about Skinny Fiber I totally believed it saved my life.
Getting healthy is the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our families.
You can do it too… Start today…
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