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My name is Shannon and this is my skinny fiber testimonial!
Having been overweight most of my adult life I have tried every diet out there. I even tried chemical prescriptions from the doctors that allowed me to lose weight, feel like I was on speed and when I stopped taking them I ballooned up to an even higher weight than before. I was at my HEAVIEST the fall of 2013. I decided I needed to change it. My son said my snoring was so loud that he would get up in the middle of the night and shut my door and sometimes I would wake up from gasping from no air flow. I aso live in an upper level condo, and I have 12 steps to walk up to get to my living quarters and I would be so out of breath that I would be breathing like I just ran a marathon. In February I decided I would try Skinny Fiber. I admit I had an intention of sending the bottle back but I was so shocked. It actually worked! And 90 days later… look at me!! I did not exercise much ( a couple of walks, and did do a walking run or dye 5k in april which I didn’t train properly for but I did it!) nor really changed the diet. I wanted to see if it would really work. I will also admit I had the stomach bug and I didn’t faithfully take it every day for that week or so but once I felt better I was back on the grind! I am so glad Skinny Fiber is giving me a chance at being able to control my cravings (I had a BIG sugar sweet tooth and my appetite for sweets was unlimited no matter how sick id feel afterward)) and I stopped drinking 3-4 cans of soda a day! I feel SO AMAZING and SO GOOD and there is NO looking back at this point. Just give Skinny Fiber a chance. It will change your life! Here is to my next 90 days on Skinny Fiber! I am in this for good!
Skinny Fiber is helping so many people lose weight and get healthy again!!
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