5 Minute Microwave Chocolate Brownies

 photo 5 Minute Microwave Chocolate Brownies.jpg

but let me tell you why I posted this one!!
I love these one person or single serve recipes!!!
We all have those days where we just gotta have it!!!
You know that chocolate bar, that dish of ice cream —
You get the idea!!! With these single serve desserts and goodies
I can eat my cake (LOL) and have no leftovers to tempt me!!!
A WIN-WIN all the way around in my book!!!!

5 Minute Microwave Chocolate Brownies
(Photo by Christine S.)

1/4 cup of flour
1/4 cup brown sugar
2 Tbsp cocoa
2 Tbsp melted butter/margarine
1/4 cup Milk (I used oat milk to make it dairy free)
***OPTIONAL: Chocolate chips, sprinkles, marshmallows, nuts, crushed candy cane/mint anything your heart desires:)

Combine flour, brown sugar and cocoa in mug and mix until it is generously blended and there are no lumps in the cocoa.

Add melted butter/margarine and milk, whisk thoroughly.

Cook in microwave at 30 second intervals until no liquid remains on top. Mine took 1.5 min.

Add desired toppings:)

These also make great basket stuffers for gift giving.
Simply put the dry ingredients together in a cone shaped bag (I just use disposable icing bags) tie with a ribbon and attach a tag with wet ingredients and cooking directions on it
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