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Hi, I’m Nonnie…I want to tell you my story….I started taking Skinny Fiber out of Desperation… Having hypothyroidism for 30 yrs I couldn’t lose a pound if my life depended on it….but I could gain 5 lbs over night!!! .. 3 years ago, right after my body fell apart from taking care of two year olds for twenty years…my momma passed away… …Taking care of her with Hospice threw me over the edge and 2 months later I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia… I already had IBS and Sleep Apnea….So for the next 3 years I was in Pain and Sleep deprived!!! My Quality of Life was Extremely Poor..I tossed and turned in bed all night trying to get comfortable… I could NEVER get into a Deep Sleep… I would spend 12 hours in bed and then get up and feel like I Never Slept in Months… Then I would sit in my big chair and doze off and on all day… Exhausted and feeling like someone Beat me up with a Base Ball Bat !!! I hardly got out and if I did… I paid for it for days after… I was Miserable and wanted to Die because I couldn’t get any Relief from Pain or Fatigue… I found a group similar to this one… The leader told me about Skinny Fiber and how she thought it could help me… She said she heard of others getting relief from similar ailments like mine…She told me that she became a Distributor because, since taking Skinny Fiber, she didn’t have horrible migraines anymore that made her so sick she couldn’t take care of her little girl…I was Skeptical to say the least… I watched and waited for 2 months before I decided to try it…I’m sooooo glad I did…. after just 2 short weeks on Skinny Fiber my IBS was GONE… after 2 months my Chronic Fatigue was GONE and I lost 20 lbs!!! and now, after almost 5 months, I have lost a total of 35 lbs… and the Pain from my fibromyalgia has decreased by over 50%.. NOW I sleep Like a ROCK!!! I even dream again!!! I’m up all day!!! I don’t even take a nap!!! I’m happy to now say that I’m off ALL acid reflux medications…I took them for years every night…I am PASSIONATE about Skinny Fiber because of what it has done for me… and I KNOW that SF will help anyone Lose Weight and get Healthier… Skinny Fiber has changed my LIFE and The Life Of Countless Others!!! I Don’t Want To EVER See Anyone Live In Misery And GIVE UP Like I Did!!! I Believe if you are Here you are God Sent!!! Skinny Fiber is an Amazing Product!!!It WORKS!!!! I Thank God for the Day I Found it!!! You Will TOO!!! I personally will take SF for as long as I live for the health benefits alone…Skinny Fiber Is Not Expensive!!! at just $2 a day? Heck… I spent more than this a month for my Acid reflux meds alone.. First you need to be honest with yourself about what you truly want…. Second realize the money you spend on Starbucks, soft drinks, , candy, beer, lotto tickets, chips etc daily is way more than amount you would spend monthly to be healthy…. If you plan to spend the same money on junk, sugars, carbs etc then you may need to reevaluate your decision of weight loss and health…. It all comes down to you and what is more important to you… When you’re serious about getting on track and your health, nothing will stop you!!!!! Skinny Fiber Works!!! And at $2 a day ….. I actually save more than that on my grocery bill since I eat less and am off meds so saving that way also– less than a snack and a drink a day!! And if you go in with some friends — get the buy 3 get 3 free then it is $1 a day— very inexpensive — especially where your health is concerned… I’m Skinny Fiber For LIFE!!!
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