Colleen shared her story.

 photo Colleen Williams Pope 2.1.15.jpg

Colleen shared her story.

“My name is Colleen and here are the photos of my 90 Day Skinny Fiber Challenge. (Sorry for the blurry one…my kid took it!)
In 2006, when I was 46 yrs. old, we found out that I was pregnant…again…this would be my 5th child…and yes it was a surprise. We had had 4 children in the 80’s and the youngest of that batch was now 18 and ready to graduate high school.
So to say the least…being pregnant and OLD after having our precious baby boy, it was hard to lose the weight. For eight years I just couldn’t lose the weight. Then I watched a friend of mine from church and saw her losing her weight and I saw on FB that she was posting testimonies of others who were losing the weight. I watched her for a year! Then decided to ask her about it. I started Skinny Fiber in Sept 2014 and weighed 178 lbs. Little by little the pounds started coming off and by the end of December and even going thru the holidays I lost 14 lbs and now weigh 164 lbs. But not only the weight was coming off, but I noticed other things happening in my body. My energy was back! I could now go throughout the day without having to lay down to make it to the end of the day…I mean I am 55 now and chasing after an 8 yr. old….I need that energy!!! And the Acid Reflux problems I developed during that last pregnancy were disappearing. My carb cravings were gone and I never get hungry thru the day. Many days I skip lunch just because I’m not hungry and don’t think about eating! Now I’m sure that if I would EXERCISE….I hate that word!…that I would lose more, faster…but I’m a really busy woman and I just like to walk a few days a week. So….I love Skinny Fiber!”

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Skinny Fiber is helping so many people lose weight and get healthy again!!
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