Fantastic Sharon!!!!

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Sharon says:
“Here’s my Skinny Fiber results. I was very skeptical about trying another product, many do not work. I was always over weight, health problems just kept coming, chronic venous insufficient, it was so bad I had to have a venous boot put on for 14 days could not take it off till leg ulcer healed. So much pain just could not take it anymore and my other leg, my knee was degenerating, need surgery on it. Needles did help and back pain from a fall years ago and Acid reflex, GERD and Sinus and Sleep apnea too. I could not sit or stay to long I finally had to give up work. In July we went on our dream trip for our 35 Anniversary for 19 days. Had an awesome time but paid for it later, could hardly walk when I got home. So had to do something not gain more weight. MY MOM found out she has a rare cancer, scared me, time to take charge. I want be there for my husband, kids and 3 beautiful grandchildren. So here I am! In Aug was the best thing I did, ordering SKINNY FIBER. I am embarrassed weighing 290. I am down to 272 pounds and down 15 inches. The capris size 24 I got for trip are to big, down to size 22 but it’s a start. No more knee pain, more energy, no more pills for Acid reflex. My leg is healed, not wearing my pressure socks. I sleep better, no machine, feel better. I AM GOING TO START A 90 DAY CHALLENGE to see where I am in March. My husband is on it too. He lost 10 pounds. We like doing things together lol. Thank you SKINNY FIBER!! Awesome product, also using Ageless- love it!! Can’t wait to take new picture after 90 days challenge.”
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