Pomegranate Flush

 photo PomegranateFlush.jpg

Bonnie made this and wanted to share with everyone.

Pomegranate Flush

The Wonderful Pomegranate is packed with Antioxidants and has so many other great benefits! It works as a Great Fat Flush Water too!

8 oz. Pomegranate Juice (100% juice)
120 oz. Purified Water
Mix together in a big Pitcher & Refrigerate
Drink throughout the day!

(If you want you can make a smaller amount 1 oz pom per 15 oz. water)
*I have read that pomegranate can interact with some medications so check with your doctor or pharmacist first* ✽¸.•♥♥•.¸✽✽¸.•♥♥•.¸✽✽¸.•♥♥•.¸✽

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