WOW!!! Shelia’s newest pics!

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WOW!!! Shelia’s newest pics! Such an amazing, inspiring story! This testimony brings tears of joy… It’s such a blessing to take back your life… To see how Skinny works, watch the video on my website here
She says:
“Losing my 15 year old in an automobile accident, watching my husband grieve himself to death and passing away and then my only sister passing away 2 weeks after him, was more than I could bear. God put another great man in mine and the girls’ lives to love us and to put us back together. A massive heart attack took him. But, 2 more horrible, gut-wrenching fatalities came plus my twins went away to college 6 hours away. All of these losses came close together in a short amount of time. I was at the lowest point of my life that a person could get to. It was more than my mind, heart and soul could handle. I was an emotional, physical and mental mess…….and I ate to try and fill the void.
It was about this time last year that my twin daughters took me to Cancun for Mother’s day. I have never told anyone….but, once on the first plane, I could not get the seat belt to go around me. I cried when I saw the look of disappointment in the girls’ eyes. I was one of those people that I said I would never get like. I was a complete mess. They had wheelchairs waiting for me at the airports. I couldn’t walk very far at all and breathing was very hard. . I couldn’t walk 50 feet because I couldn’t breathe and my whole body was stiff and painful. My joints were so red and swollen and the Lupus was wearing down all of my organs. I I had to make memories because I really knew that was our last vacation and I knew I wouldn’t be here for Christmas this year.
When I would go and see the girls, I would wake up with one of them standing over me checking to see if I was breathing. She did this many times through the night. Their worse fear is that I am going to die and they will be all alone in the world. That did it. I knew I had to do something but what. For about 6 months, I had been watching some of my friends that had been taking Skinny Fiber, and seeing all the great results they were having. I am the most skeptical person in the world, but, I kept watching them. Their health problems were improving and they were looking great.
The girls’ begged me to do something. My excuse was I couldn’t afford to do anything. They said…you can afford NOT to do something. How much do you think we are going to have to spend to bury you. Now, that got me. The next day I ordered Skinny Fiber. I ordered the buy 2, get 1 free because I think every product deserves longer than a month. I could send it all back and get a full refund if I wanted….so I had nothing to lose. I didn’t expect it to work, but, at least it would show the twins that I tried.
Skinny Fiber does work!!. My medical issues have improved, My blood pressure is the lowest it has been since my little girl passed away. My hot flashes have all but disappeared. My migraines are gone. My bones and joints are not as stiff and swollen. My fibro is not screaming 24/7. I am off of 5 of my medications and down on the dosage of 2 more. I have lost 5 sizes in 8 months. I can walk without being out of breath and I have energy. Before, I had no energy at all. I have lost weight and inches, I feel so much better and my pain level has decreased. I don’t have to drink shakes or do wraps or “diet” or eat special foods. I haven’t even been able to do any exercise, but, lately I have started walking, because I feel like it I take 2 pills, 2 times a day and drink lots of water. I am not starving or hungry all the time. I am more cautious of what I am eating. To tell you the truth….this has been so easy to do. Don’t wait.”
☆☆ 100% ALL natural! NO stimulants!! NO wraps! NO boring shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! And 90 day empty bottle money back guarantee (on multi-pack specials)!!!
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