LOOK at Michelle!!! SERIOUSLY, take a close look … WOW!!!

 photo Michelle2.jpg

LOOK at Michelle!!! SERIOUSLY, take a close look … WOW!!! Not only has she lost weight while taking Skinny Fiber, but she is off 3 of her medications, too. Beautiful
This is her testimony:
“I’ve been reluctant to share my recent pictures because some days it’s hard to measure just how far I’ve come and I am still very self-conscious. But my husband encouraged me to share this side by side I put together Sunday. I’ve had the picture on the left hanging on my fridge for a long time and even though I donated most of my clothes because they were too big, I still had these jeans because they used to be incredibly tight on me (as you can see). The blouse is also a 2x and I’m not sure if you can tell but I was pretty much swimming in it. I started taking Skinny Fiber in July of 2013 and here I am today, actually LIVING life and not sitting on the couch watching it pass me by. I’ve lost 32 pounds and so many inches, it’s just unbelievable. But what’s most amazing to me is that this is *just* the physical change in my appearance. I cannot begin to describe the emotional transformation. I’m off 3 of my 4 prescription medications (blood pressure, anti-depressant and Metformin for insulin resistance/pre-diabetes) and the 4th one (Levoxyl for hypothyroidism), I am being weaned off as my endocrinologist didn’t want to take a chance having any relapse so I’m down to 50 mcg from 137mcg this time last year, but I anticipate being off of that by the end of summer!! Last year I was walking with a severe limp from knee pain and now I’m climbing stairs like nobody’s business and my husband says I should slow down so HE can keep up with ME when we walk! I simply can’t express in words the true measure of my happiness these days. I’m getting healthy and loving every minute of it! Don’t wait to take back your life!”
Skinny Fiber is helping so many people lose weight and get healthy again!!
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