Skinny Fiber Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

#1 Does Skinny Fiber REALLY work like that?? Simply, YES.. In FOUR YEARS we’re LICENSED and REGISTERED in 40 COUNTRIES.. 26 Distribution Centers around the world.. SHIPPING IN OVER 100 COUNTRIES from a FIVE MINUTE MOVIE gone VIRAL on SOCIAL MEDIA… (empty bottle money back guarantee) I would say YES it works. are we a PERFECT COMPANY.. NOPE.. but we do have a less than ONE PERCENT RETURN RATE on our product.. hmmmm…

#2 What makes Skinny Fiber SOOOOOO DIFFERENT than ANYTHING ELSE or ALL THE OTHER THINGS IVE TRIED IN THE PAST?? TWO WORDS: Proprietary Formula.. Furthermore THIS isn’t anything like your PAST.. now if YOU want to HOLD ON TO THAT.. be my guest…

#3 Does Skinny Fiber have any side effects? YES!!! Weight Loss!! lol.. no seriously.. No.. none.. No jitters.. No caffienes.. No heart fluctuations.. None of that.. In fact, look up the all NATURAL ingredients that are IN skinny fiber and you’ll see for yourself why this product is safe for anyone to take.. even people who do NOT need to lose weight.. ) We’ve honestly had a FEW people who just COULD NOT TAKE IT ( AND WERE GETTING RESULTS RELUCTANTLY STOP TAKING THEM) due to allergic reasons.. but hey.. sometimes that happens.. some people just can’t take nothing.. Pineapples is one I KNOW of if you’re allergic to it.. probably can’t take Skinny Fiber..

#4 Is Skinny Fiber FDA Approved??!!?? NO! We don’t NEED their approval.. We got too much PROOF!!! Ok Ok Ok.. No we’re not.. we’re a SUPPLEMENT.. NOT A DRUG.. once again.. no need for their approval of drugs that give people SIDE EFFECTS….

#5 What if I can’t swallow the capsules.. You can open it up.. pour it into a little water drink it and drink the rest… or yogurt.. or smoothie… or I’ve heard tea even.. In Brazil, Cha De Bugre (one of the ingredients in SF, they sprinkle it on their smoothies..) just make sure you are drinking PLENTY of water throughout the day…

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