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YAHOOOOO Lexie – I am so proud of you

My name is Lexie and I’ve discovered the best weight loss solution ever!
I kept seeing pictures of so many people who have been successful with their weight loss while using Skinny Fiber so I was inspired to give it a go. It’s not easy to put your own photos on Facebook but I figure, there are are enough bad ones already out there that a couple more won’t matter! LOL! Yes, I still have a long way to go but I really feel like I’m getting there and it’s so easy to stick with. This is the easiest way ever to lose weight because you don’t have to follow any strict rules – AND NO COUNTING – NO fat grams, calories, points, carbs! Counting just makes me think about being hungry and waiting until I can eat again! Painful!!
I am a food lover – A real foodie! I love all the culturally diverse dishes from around the world. There are not many foods that I don’t love. I always wished that someone would invent a pill that just made you feel less hungry and that helped you burn off fat, so you could still eat the foods you love (well at least some of the time anyway). Guess what? Someone DID!! Yay!!
I was always quite slim, even after having 2 children but when I hit my late 30s early 40s, I started to notice the weight creeping on, especially after giving up smoking. I gave up smoking using good old will-power and going ‘cold turkey’ but you can’t do that with food. Before I started my 90 day challenge with Skinny Fiber, I had tried nearly every diet ever invented.
Since starting Skinny Fiber, I have found I’m just not eating as much food. I’m not as hungry and I don’t really get cravings. I take 2 capsules with a big glass of water about 30 minutes before lunch and then again before dinner and it really helps cut down on my portions. Skinny Fiber also boosts your metabolism to allow your body to burn fat efficiently, so what I do eat doesn’t stick to my belly and hips. I usually try to cut down on the starchy carbs after about 4pm and don’t drink much alcohol. However, if I’m getting together with friends I relax and enjoy a few drinks and eat the foods I love, just less of them. I drink at least 2 litres (68 ounces) of water each day. I don’t really get much real exercise, just walking the dog occasionally, some light gardening and of course, general housework.
In mid December, after completing 90 days on Skinny Fiber, I lost 7.2kg (15.9 lbs), which is when the 2nd photo was taken. Since then my weight has fluctuated a bit with Christmas, New Year and a couple of other celebrations and even though it has slowed, I have still lost more weight. So after an additional 45 days, I have now lost 8.5kg (18.7 lbs). My clothes are a lot looser, I have a lot more energy and I have more stamina. My hot flushes have almost disappeared, my acid reflux has gone and my knees don’t ache anymore. All this and I still have a few chocolates each day. This truly is the easiest way to lose weight ever! So if you are trying to slim down, then no matter what method or diet you are trying, Skinny Fiber can go along with it and give you a helping hand.
I love not feeling hungry and thinking about food all the time!
I love Skinny Fiber and I want everyone in the world to know how good it is!
~ Thanks for reading! ~ Lexie.
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