Theresa Looks Amazing!!!!! WTG!!!!!

 photo TheresaJoyes.jpg

Theresa looks amazing!! WTG!!!!
Here we go…full body!
Hello, I’m Theresa! Mom of three insane kiddos!
As a child and a teenager I was always slim and never really gave any thought to my weight. At 19 years old I became pregnant with my first child and I gained a ton of weight. The scale was literally going up 10lbs a week, every week of my pregnancy. I remember laughing in the doctor’s office thinking this was nothing, I would have my baby and all my weight would just fall off…..that didn’t happen. I walked out of the hospital after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl and I was shocked to see myself 80lbs heavier. I had two more babies within 5 years and by the end of it I was 232lbs and miserable.

One day something in me snapped and I finally understood that I was in control of my body and how I felt and on that day I started eating better, I cut out all pop and I started to move more. My body didn’t like the exercise. I started by walking slowly and increasing my speed and distance at my own comfort. I managed to work my way to 220. And there I stayed for THREE months, even with activity and food management.

I saw a post one day about Skinny Fiber, and saw some success stories and my head started buzzing. The price made me think about it longer than I should have. Finally one day I decided to give it a try. Now, I’m 8 months in and I feel amazing, I have lost a TON of inches and I have gotten rid of 25lbs. SERIOUSLY!!!!! I am so happy now! I can move, I can play with my kids and I LOVE myself! Skinny Fiber has truly given me hope and it is worth every penny! I’m a work in progress, but definitely a work that is progressing!
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